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Reopened Sidewalk on Flower

By Eric Richardson — October 16, 2009 — 2 Comments

The removal of construction equipment from Flower street next to 705 W. 9th is good news for pedestrians, but not so much for drivers who are still forced to squeeze...

Go Around

By Eric Richardson — July 18, 2008 — 5 Comments

The sidewalk on a stretch of Hope street next to Ralphs remains shut to pedestrians, five weeks after it was first closed. After prompting, the developer is working...

Another Sidewalk Closure

By Eric Richardson — June 11, 2008 — 15 Comments

A stretch of sidewalk next to Downtown's new Ralphs is closed due to construction, leaving pedestrians inconvenienced and creating an unsafe situation as walkers...

Sidewalk Closed

By Eric Richardson — April 16, 2008

Just a few weeks ago we ran a piece chastizing the city for talking up a pedestrian friendly Downtown, while at the same time allowing sidewalks to be closed indefinitely...

Illegal Walking

By Eric Richardson — March 27, 2008 — 2 Comments

Curbed yesterday took a reader complaint about the closed off sidewalk on Grand Ave, across from Disney Concert Hall. The reader was complaining about the effect...

Sidewalk Reroute

By Eric Richardson — May 24, 2007 — 2 Comments

For the past few days they've been doing road work in front of the Roosevelt on 7th street. Today's work involved closing the sidewalk in front of the building...

Street Staging at 717 W. 9th

By Eric Richardson — May 09, 2007 — 11 Comments

On the way to a meeting yesterday Bert Green and I were walking past the LAPD HQ construction at 1st and Main. Bert remarked that Los Angeles was the only place...

Not a Pedestrian Walkway

By Eric Richardson — January 10, 2007 — 1 Comment

This sign showed up outside the Roosevelt Lofts building the other day. It's attached to the construction scaffolding that stands over the sidewalk on both the...