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blogdowntown Weekly

After more than five years online, we're adding a print paper into the mix here at blogdowntown. It should be an interesting journey.

Reliable Sources

By Eric Richardson — August 08, 2010 — 24 Comments

blogdowntown's Eric Richardson was on CNN's Reliable Sources this morning to explain why we aren't crazy to be launching a paper as folks are going digital.

Nihola Family Cargo Trikes

By Eric Richardson — August 04, 2010 — 17 Comments

If you see a pair of funky-looking cargo tricycles wandering the streets of Downtown this week, give them a wave. They're delivering copies of blogdowntown Weekly.

blogdowntown Weekly

By Eric Richardson — July 20, 2010 — 38 Comments

You know all those stories you hear about how print is dead and everything is going digital? We're bucking the trends and going into print, launching blogdowntown Weekly on August 5.

blogdowntown Weekly

By blogdowntown Staff — July 20, 2010

Earlier this morning we announced blogdowntown Weekly, our upcoming print edition. Here is the press release that we sent out at the same time as our announcement.