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What's For Sale Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, September 25, 2006, at 02:34PM

433 S. Spring Since I found out the Hotel Cecil was for sale I've acquired a sudden fascination with what's on the market Downtown. Turns out there's quite a lot available if you have some extra cash jingling around in your pockets.

"Twin Springs" is comprised of the Title Insurance building at 433 S. Spring and its annex at 419 S. Spring. The Title Insurance is one of the many Parkinson-designed buildings Downtown. Interestingly, the 419 building was originally a parking garage before being converted to office space. You have to wonder what the costs would be to convert the structure back. Total combined floor space is 518,000 SF. These two can be yours for the low, low price of $50,000,000.

722 S. Broadway is your typical Broadway structure: ground floor retail and all-but-abandoned upper floors. In fact this case is a great illustration of Broadway's current economics. The owner wants to keep the ground floor retail, which is the only thing currently in use, while selling off the (currently) useless upper six floors. 53,640 SF is for sale for only $2,682,000. The whole building is for sale via a different listing (which has much better pictures) for $7,450,000.

Finally for now, you can also get the Coast Savings Building at 9th & Hill. It's got a healthy 71,644 SF lot with only about 20k SF of that currently used for building. The 156,529 SF of building can be yours for only $45,000,000.


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