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Pay Stations Not DOT's Only New High-Tech Trick

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, November 05, 2008, at 04:13PM
New Meters on 5th Eric Richardson [Flickr]

New parking meter heads installed on 5th street feature solar power and the ability to accept credit cards.

Pay stations aren't the only new parking tech to make a recent debut Downtown. Around the same time the multi-space stations began their impressive rollout, solar-powered single-space meters were installed in a one-block trial just off Broadway.

Like the pay stations, the new meters accept credit cards as payment. Instead of replacing the poles, though, these new meter heads from IPS Group attach to traditional meter bases, providing a snap-on solution.

The display on the meter offers an impressive array of information, giving the current date and time, the days and times meters are enforced, and the cost for the specific space. Once active, the meter shows time remaining, as well as the time when payment will expire.

The new meters are the same as those trialed in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills last year.


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