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May Day Marches Join Forces

By Ed Fuentes
Published: Wednesday, April 30, 2008, at 10:02AM
Mothers March En Masse Ed Fuentes

Marching together at the May Day 2007 immigrant demonstration.

May 1st is March Day for Downtown L.A., as four marches set out from three start points, dividing Downtown into four pieces and making sure tomorrow will be an interesting evening commute for those stuck in their cars.

The four come from the west, the south and the east before converging at 5th and Broadway and then proceeding to a rally location on Broadway between 1st and Temple.

The first march, "May 1st Day of Action in Support of Workers Rights", will assemble at MacArthur Park at 11am and is scheduled to begin marching at 2pm, traveling toward Downtown on 7th street. That route turns north on Figueroa, then east on 5th street to Broadway.

The second and third marches, "Immigrant Rights" and Answer L.A.’s "Full Rights for Immigrants" will assemble at 11am at Olympic and Broadway and are scheduled to begin marching north on Broadway at 3pm. One has to ask whether two marches from a single point are really just one march.

According to American Apparel's website, the "Legalize LA" march will assemble at the factory, on 7th between Alameda and Central. While that website says the route will be down 7th and then north on Broadway, the city's info has the route north on Central, and then west on 5th.

Once all together, the coordinated marches will head up Broadway to the rally area between Temple and 1st.

LADOT's Traffic Info for May 1st has full closure plans.

Meanwhile, last September blogdowntown spotted LAPD's new hi-tech cart equipped to relay messages in various languages via an assigned wireless PDA. It was being tested for crowd control for the first time by Central Division during a September 2007 immigration march.

According to LAPD's blog, It will have it's official debut May 1. It's described as "A state-of-the-art crowd management vehicle known as the Critical Incident Utility Vehicle (CIUV). This vehicle is capable of traveling over virtually any terrain and can attain a top speed of 45 mph. Outfitted with emergency equipment the CIUV features an electronic signboard that can be continuously programmed to provide visual commands to a crowd."

Then there's the name for the audio system that will translate messages into different languages––the Phraselator.

And to add, if the cart rolls out in LAPD colors, we may have to call it the "BrattonBlueBerry."


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