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Time-Lapse Views of Downtown

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, February 07, 2011, at 01:11PM
Downtown Roof Matt Givot

Still photo from Matthew Givot's time-lapse film "The Angels"

Downtown Los Angeles has always been a favorite spot for photographers, both those shooting for fun and those taking the frames professionally.

Matthew Givot sent over a link to this time-lapse video, pieced together from 6335 exposures. It starts and ends in Downtown, and in-between includes views of Hollywood and Santa Monica.

ERIC RICHARDSON: Tell us a little about yourself and your background. How did you get interested in doing this project?

MATTHEW GIVOT: My name is Matthew Givot, I have been into photography for as long as can remember. The love and passion came from my father.

I recently got into time-lapse after seeing a video by time-lapse photographer Tom Lowe. After that I knew it was something I wanted to learn.

ER: _ What process did you use to scout the locations? Did they all work out, or did you end up with other spots that didn't make the cut?_

MG: Scouting for me is the fun of photography. The hunt is what keeps me wanting to shoot. I wanted to show L.A. as a living creature, not brick and mortar. That was my motivation for locations.

Something I would like to add in my next project is the sounds of Los Angeles. The city has its own soundtrack. Many times while I was shooting—10 seconds of footage takes about 30 mins to shoot—I would just sit and listen to the ambient sounds. I want to incorporate that in my next film.

ER: Did you end up with a favorite spot Downtown, either out of this shoot or other time you've spent in the neighborhood?

MG: One of my favorite locations is in the opening sequence of the film. The location is Thomas St (in Lincoln Heights). The view of Downtown is breathtaking.


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