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Spring Street bike incident will undergo 'exhaustive' investigation, LAPD says

By Hayley Fox
Published: Thursday, April 12, 2012, at 01:47PM
Flickr via waltarrrr

Police say they will continue to investigate Susanna Schick's accident.

Last week's Spring Street bike accident was deemed to be precisely that... an accident. But police say they will continue an "exhaustive" investigation into what did cause cyclist Susanna Schick to fall off her bike.

LAPD Capt. Horace Frank said they have a detective looking into the case, and will examine the damage on Schick's bike, talk to any possible witnesses and refer to the victim's own testimony.

So far, there is no evidence to show that Schick was hit by a car, Frank said.

"There is no crime here," said Lt. Paul Vernon of the Los Angeles Police Department Tuesday. "She fell down on her bicycle."

But some Angelenos and many members of the biking community are critical of the LAPD's investigation, and are more than skeptical that Schick's serious injuries (including a broken collarbone and six broken ribs), could have been caused by anything other than a car collision.

Schick's friend Jennifer Beatty said Tuesday that it was a "physical improbability," and added that the surface of Spring Street is mostly smooth, with few obstacles that could have caused Schick to fall.

Gary Kavanaugh (@GaryRidesBikes) tweeted, "How can LAPD claim Susanna wobbled over and fell on her own? Rear wheel taco'd, concussion (/w helmet), broken pelvis & ribs. No F'n way."

Ted Rogers (@bikinginla) was one of the critical voices from the cycling community: "Thank you LAPD for throwing the last several years of working together to build trust out the window. L.A. cyclists, you're on your own," wrote Ted Rogers, @bikinginla.

But police Chief Charlie Beck who spoke about the bike accident on KPCC Wednesday, said the police department has no reason or motive to cover up the truth surrounding the incident.

"We investigate hit-and-runs everyday," he said on the Patt Morrison Show. "There is no reluctance by the police department to investigate a hit-and-run involving a bicyclist- matter of fact: I would like to. But i need information."

Beck encouraged listeners who may have witnessed the incident to step forward if they have any information.

Frank said that the police should have the case wrapped up in the next few days, and that he hopes the accident won't create a "biker versus car" mentality.


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