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For Reference: A Map of L.A. Live's Restaurants

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, December 03, 2008, at 01:43PM
L.A. Live Map Eric Richardson [Flickr]

Though you can easily find this venue map posted on kiosks at Nokia Plaza and available as part of a cool fold-out print piece, you would be hard-pressed to find a map of L.A. Live's restaurants on the complex's website. We thought that might be something you would be curious about before visiting.

The restaurants at L.A. Live are clustered into the two buildings closest to Figueroa. One houses the massive ESPN Zone, while the other contains the rest of the restaurant offerings.

ESPN Zone opened for business on Monday. The complex's Starbucks served its first drinks today. Several of the remaining restaurants will be opening over the next days and weeks, while others like Wolfgang Puck and Trader Vic's are still months out.


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