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LAPD Lawn Goes Green, Off-Limits

By Eric Richardson
Published: Wednesday, July 14, 2010, at 12:21PM
LAPD Lawn Eric Richardson [Flickr]

A landscaper rolls freshly installed sod on the nearly one-acre lawn behind the LAPD's Police Administration Building.

The nearly one-acre lawn behind the LAPD's Police Administration Building is looking healthy today for the first time since it was fatally injured by a large tent installed for a November gala.

By mid-day, a landscaping crew was approximately two-thirds of the way finished installing fresh green sod on the park space.

The new lawn is a bermuda grass that should be able to more easily stand up to the use the park gets, says Thom Brennan, commanding officer of LAPD's Facilities Management division. Once installed, the lawn will be fenced off for the first month to allow the grass time to take root.

The park is particularly popular with neighborhood dog owners, and LAPD will be installing "dogi-pots" around the lawn that dispense baggies and accept waste.

The 2nd street space had been open to the public for just two months when a tent was installed atop it for the Police Foundation's "True Blue" gala. While the foundation was quick to accept blame for the lawn damage, an insurance dispute dragged out the process of replacement. Work to replace the dead grass got underway last week.


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