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New LAPD Headquarters Opens as Bratton Says Farewell

By Eric Richardson
Published: Monday, October 26, 2009, at 09:38AM
LAPDHq Ed Fuentes

Looking down on the new Police Administration Building from atop City Hall during Saturday's dedication ceremony.

The Los Angeles Police Department officially opened its new headquarters building across the street from City Hall on Saturday, just a week before Chief William Bratton departs his post for the private sector.

"I love this building," Bratton told the crowd of Police officers, elected officials and members of the community. "I love its siting. I love everything it represents."

Bratton, who leaves his office on October 31, said that the building represents the new LAPD of the 21st Century, and used each of the four structures that flank the Police Administration Building as symbols.

The relationship to City Hall, he said, represents that LAPD belongs to the city. "We face City Hall, and it is reflected in that glass as you walk in front of the building so beautifully with you," said Bratton. "That reflects the supremacy of City Hall over the Los Angeles Police Department."

The Caltrans building represents the partnerships Bratton has led LAPD in developing. "I would hope one of the hallmarks of my time with you has been relationships," said Bratton.

On the 2nd street side of the structure is the Higgins Building, and Bratton said that it represents the community that LAPD serves. "Come here into your house," he said. "That park is yours. We are your neighbor."

Across Spring street sits the Los Angeles Times, and Bratton emphasized the importance of having the department's story told, good or bad. "If it's bad and awful -- MacArthur Park -- we're going to own it, and we're going to talk about it," he said.

The 500,000-square-foot headquarters building will house 2,300 LAPD officers and civilian employees. The structure is part of a $437 million dollar construction project that also produced the Motor Transport Division facility a block down Main street and a new parking garage on 1st street.


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